Raspberry Pi first impresion

I finally received my RPi (B) board, after waiting for more than 3 months, and I want to share my view about my out of the box experience.

First, I panicked, I had no cables, no SDcard no keyboard nor mouse, but after digging in different places (work desk, shed, kid’s room) I’ve managed to grab my youngest daughter keyboard and mouse and plugged the board into my other daughter monitor (HDMI to DVI cable)

The SDcard was easy to write with using the image from the raspberry pi official website, and my linux desktop (not sure how easy is on a windows PC) – I used the Debian image, and it worked like a breeze.

So overall, it was a nice experience, the oficial RPi website is packed with good information, easy to digest even for a beginer. I can say on scale one to ten this was a 8 star experience, very likely the most interesting piece of hardware I have ever bought.

I got tired having the keyboard and a mouse attached so I installed the VNC server on the board, I found a nice and short tutorial here: http://www.designspark.com/content/using-vnc-raspberry-pi and I updated the kernel to have software support for the SPI interface (on the expansion connector).

I’ll keep you guys posted with my RPi progress




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