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Arduino Uno based Oregon Scientific v 2.1 sensor emulator transmission

Well, it’s been a good while since our last post but there is a good excuse for it, there is a new product coming soon in the shop, a new temperature and humidity sensor so keep visiting us.. Now, for … Continue reading

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Happy Christmas!

Happy Christmas everyone!

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Dublin Mini Maker Faire

We made it to the Dublin Mini Maker Faire this year, we want it to register and have a boot but we missed the deadline so we decided to go anyway and meet “the makers”. It was good to see … Continue reading

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Oregon Scientific version 2.1 & 3.0 RF protocol

The RF transmissions use on-off-keying (OOK) with Manchester coding on a carrier frequency of 433.92MHz. See the Wikipedia entry on Manchester coding for more information or consult a basic text on digital RF communications. All OS protocol versions use the … Continue reading

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RF Oregon Scientific version 1.0 Protocol Samples

A number of samples are available to help describe the protocol and structure of messages. The version 1.0 preamble is shown below. The clock rate used to generate the x-axis was 342Hz. The integer values on the horizontal axis are … Continue reading

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Oregon Scientific v 1.0 RF Protocol Description

While scouring the internet for information on the Oresgon Scientific RF protocols I came accross some information gathered by others so I woul like to share it here. Much of the information here has been gathered from various postings on … Continue reading

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Current Cost RF protocol

Well, I am bit stuck because I can not find any information related to the RF protocol used in the Current Cost products so I will have to do some hard work trying to intercept the packets and decode them … Continue reading

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Arduino and Oregon Scientific Sensors Projects

Back to my newly discovered passion, Arduino. I see that there is a lot of interest in these sensors and there isn’t much info about the protocol used by them. I have realised that is not really worth making your … Continue reading

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New developments USB – RS485

  Well, it’s been a while since the last update so here it goes: we are preparing a few products which will be available in the shop, and as always the people that built them know them better. We’ll have … Continue reading

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Tinkering with Arduino

Well, about time for me to try and understand what is going on inside all these things making use of the 433 MHz, kind of hard not knowing a lot about programming and stuff Thanks God for the multitude of … Continue reading

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